Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ode to a Seam Ripper

Oh seam ripper, Oh seam ripper
How wonderful thou art
To rescue me so deftly
From another dodgy dart

Oh seam ripper, oh seam ripper
When I sucumb to messy stitching
You sort out all my cock ups
Without laughing,without bitching

Oh seam ripper, oh seam ripper
You remain suprisingly chipper
When faced with yet another
Of my dodgy, bodged up zippers

Oh seam ripper, oh seam ripper
As I make do and mend
What would I do without you
My trusty, pointy friend?!

(Anyone would think I had loads of time on my hands huh?! I am just LOVING my seam ripper, that's all....Px)


  1. That's great! You are hilarious :)! We'd all be lost without our seam rippers, eh?

  2. Lol! Nothing like a good sharp seam ripper.

  3. I'm hoping at some point I can retire my seam ripper as every line of sewing will be perfect...... yeah right! I doubt it as well!

  4. Hee hee hee, I love it! and I love my seam ripper too!

  5. Here, here! Seam rippers rule, that's for sure!


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