Monday, February 21, 2011

Restyle # 7 - Maxi Skirt

What with everything that's gone on this past week I've had zero time for sewing. (Apart from J's trouser hems of course!) So I was glad to steal away for half an hour (while Little Tornado was napping) this afternoon, and tick something else off my restyle pile...

I thrifted this little number  for £1 just because I really like the print, and the fabric is nicely lightweight and drapey. It's the classic "dress to skirt" restyle with the top of the dress chopped off and a casing sewn for an elasticated waistband. Nothing fancy at all, but I really like this skirt already and think it will prove itself a really versatile wardrobe basic.

It'll work well in the summer with a cami and gladiator sandals. Because of the elasticated top it will still work as a dress on the beach , or belted under a cardi. Looking forward to trying out some variations. Should be a good "remix" item.

Encased elasticated waistband tutorial to follow for those that have never tried it before...

Up next is this pashmina/oversize scarf.  It started off as one thing and it's evolving into something completely different...just hope it works, lol!



  1. Yay for accomplishing something for yourself. Looks good.

  2. Your skirt is cute and looks comfy, and I can't wait to see what you are up to with the scarf!


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