Monday, February 07, 2011

Swing Dress Sewalong # 4 - Progress and a couple of sneaky tips!

I've been making slow but steady progress with my muslin for the sewalong.  Having spoken to my tutor I decided to go with my initial instinct of tracing/cutting the bodice for my chest measurement and adding in at the bust point AND the waist. Then cut the waistband and skirt to my actual measurements and hope everything matches up...
You can see below that as well as these alterations I've also lengthened the bodice. I'm not convinced I've done the right thing on the back bodice piece, but should know later today as I intend on assembling the muslin this afternoon...
The sneaky tips I refer to in the title of this post...

1. Baking parchment/greaseproof paper - It makes a fantastic substitute for pattern paper (when you forget to stock up and don't have anywhere you can buy locally, ahem!!) and is cheap as chips!!

2. Curtain weights - they're really handy as pattern weights. I removed the ones in the first set of photos, from some thrifted curtains I'd hacked up for another project, and they're just perfect for holding the paper in place when tracing and drafting. Who knew! (Probably everyone apart from me...;)

How are you doing with your muslin? Have you discovered any nifty little tricks recently that you're quietly impressed with?


  1. I think my muslin is at a place where I'm happy with it. Even if I kind of did a cheaty thing and took in extra width in the bodice and skirt by sewing a deeper seam at the sides. I already knew I'm going to alter the ease in the sleeve anyway, so that's the only thing I have left, to get rid of 2.5" of sleeve ease. Of course... if I'll be able to get my fashion fabric to duplicate the muslin is another story!

  2. I sewed up my muslin last week and was shocked by how well it fitted! I really was expecting the worse. I shortened the bodice and back slightly and will have to shorten the back again a tiny bit, but apart from that it fitted well, I was amazed. I've no nifty tricks to pass on I'm afraid but looking forward to seeing your muslin. x

  3. Love the greaseproof paper tip - so obvious, why have I never thought of this before!!! lol

  4. The paper is such a good idea! You are working really hard on your dress, it will be a beauty for sure. I did discover something this week that helped me with the belt of the dress, I just posted it on my blog, check it out.

  5. OMG, I'm so behind with this...I'm inspired to get a move on though tonight. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I like the fabric you are using! I wish I took part in this sew along but I have 3 other projects I really want to finish before going to Europe which is only 3.5 weeks away so I just couldn't fit it in.

  7. Tasha - It's not cheating!
    Jane - Thanks, that makes it less daunting. I'm convinced It'll look like a complete sack on me!
    Suzie - thanks. It's soooo cheap too!
    VG - Thanks. Great tip over on your blog!
    Marie - You'll catch up hun.
    Kat - Thanks. Where you off to??


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