Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thrifty Finds #15 - and an Etsy Discount

I have been waiting for a glimpse of remotely decent light so that I could photograph some of my recent thrift finds. I was finally rewarded on Wednesay, (ah,the sun! Where has it been all this time?! I forgot how much better everything is when the sky is blue...) but it's taken me this long to get round to editing them...
This is really a fraction of what I have. All of these are destined for my Etsy Shop over the next couple of days. As promised, as readers of this blog, if you see something you like the look of in the shop, please accept 25% off as a little gift from me. Just enter the coupon code ITSALLABOUTYOU at checkout. This code wil be active for the next 5 days, until midnight GMT on Thursay 3rd March.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend...


  1. Hey Portia, I have a thing about old clocks, and clocks are the one thing me and my man agree on liking, so I just have to get it - especially if you're offering us a discount! Unfortunately the codes not working tonight so i'll try again tomorrow.
    Good luck with the shop, I hope it goes really well. Hope your mans job is going well too.

  2. Hey P :-) Wow that is very generous of you! Don't tempt me with more great finds ;-) I sent you a message through Etsy. Sam xox

  3. Hey Sarah, the code is showing as active in my Etsy. What problems are coing upwhen you try and use it??
    You can email me at kitschycoo(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk


  4. Couldn't resist that fab discount. Got myself 2 little beauties x

  5. Wow! You have been finding some lovely clothing! I found a few things Friday, but we were out looking a lot yesterday, and I didn't find a single thing to my liking. Your photos look so pretty, btw.

  6. I love all these blouses and dresses but especially the middle two. Where do you find all these wonderful things. I am not that great at finding cool vintage clothes at all. Wish I was better!

    xxx Eddie


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