Saturday, November 05, 2011

Vintage Knits - Adult Patterns

Happy Guy Fawkes weekend to you all! As the weather looks set to be wet and cold this weekend, what better time to share some more cosy vintage knits?! These are some more of the stash of vintage patterns I acquired this week.....

Could I EVER be this ladylike?!!

I particulary like these hats....

Matching vests for the whole family anyone?
I'll be converting these to PDF over the next few weeks as well as the kiddies ones, and making them available in my Etsy shop. I still have yet more to scan in, but of a slightly later vintage. Some great 70's pics, lol! Talking of which, Kerry is sharing some corkers over at Kestrel Finds & Makes. If you like a giggle go check it out! She's been running a whole week of knitting related posts this week on her blog too with some great tips, advice and inspiration.
In other knitting related activity, Tasha has launched her Vintage Knitting College with a post about stranded colour work. If like me, you are a novice knitter keen to learn more, this is definately looking like a series worth following.
Have a great weekend :)
Love and hugs


  1. Thanks for the plug! ♥ I always find vintage knitwear models to be so classy and debonair!

  2. Thanks for the link! What on earth is a health vest?! It's a new one on me :)


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