Saturday, December 31, 2011

I may be gone for some time...

Firstly, I hope everyone has had the BEST Christmas. Ours was pretty chaotic but what else was to be expected with our very own indoor tornado reaching a fever pitch of excitement! There he is on Christmas morning. Beethoven anyone?Actually the first thing he did was lean into the microphone and say in an excited voice "Welcome to Christmas everyone!!"
Secondly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I say this now because as of tomorrow we will have no internet access (aaarrrrgh!!) until the 20th of January!!! We have changed internet providers (because BT are rubbish and extortionate!) and there will be an interruption of service before Sky is installed.
So, it being the start of a new year, I have decided to see this enforced "cyber break" as an opportunity, and get myself the heck organised! I class myself as a pretty organised person. But lately I've taken my eye off the ball for various reasons, and life is not currently running like the well oiled machine I would like, to say the very least! So it's time to take stock, regroup, and hit the ground running in 2012.
We live in a small home, with practically no built in storage. We moved here 2 years ago and at the time, I organised things as well as I could. But it takes time, living n a space, to work out how you need that space to work for you. Also those needs change over time. Elliott wasn't even walking when we moved here. Now he's a walking, talking, running, jumping, screaming, shouting, singing and dancing 3 year old (He'll be 3 on 4th Jan, eep!) Well 2 years is quite enough and there are changes needed to how are home is organised, that are well overdue. I may be gone for some time!
If you're catching the organising bug, then check out this blog. I bow in the presence of such meticulous planning and organising. So as of tomorrow, as Jack Bauer would say...I'm going dark...see you on the other side ;)


  1. Gorgeous photo of LT! Happy new year P, hope you have a wonderful 2012

  2. What a fabulous photo (and christmas present!!) Sorry to hear about the internet but hope you have a nice internet break!! Have a lovely New Year's Eve!!

  3. No internet - eek! But as you say it's a great opportunity to sort stuff out. I told myself today I was going to clear out a load of crap in my flat but here I am sitting in bed reading blogs. Maybe I should turn off my internet for a few days! Hope you have a productive few weeks and see you on the other side x

  4. I could do with some enforced internet loss myself I think! I hope things are going well for you and look forward to more posts in the future

  5. Hi! It's the end of the month! Are you coming back? I miss reading about your wonderful projects :)I hope you and your family are all well.


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