Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A short break....

I don't like leaving this blog without new content for too long. But sometimes other areas of life have to take priority, right? Right now, I have some rather exciting stuff going on (some of which you may be able to guess at based on recent posts ;) that requires my full attention. Apart from the day to day responsibilities of being Mummy to the Little Tornado; I'm finding myself doing a fair bit of writing and research and I have a couple of meetings I need to prepare for. All really exciting stuff; but in the meantime, I have to let myself off the hook a bit when it comes to this blog. Yes, stop press, my other half is actually right (it's alright, he's not reading this, so he'll never know I said that). I can't do it all! So, I'll be "away" for a week or so. Still getting some sewing projects underway and, cringe, starting to think about Christmas (aarggh! Just over 8 weeks peops!). So hopefully have plenty of stuff to share very soon.
Back shortly.......


  1. You can't do it all?!!! Ha, ha, ha - you totally need to give yourself a break. Well, in this area. I look forward to hearing about other interesting developments.

  2. Go. Enjoy your project. Spend time with your family. We'll be here when you get back. Don't forget to put your feet up now and again.

  3. Okay 8 weeks til Christmas let the panic begin!

  4. The 'c' word cannot be said in our house until at least after Bonfire night, and preferably not until December. Don't forget feel bad about having a break - we all need one every now and then, just think what it might mean for the future.!


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