Monday, April 30, 2012

Me Made May 2012

At the eleventh hour, well almost (You've got until midnight GMT tonight if you haven't already caved) , I've fallen off the edge and decided to challenge myself with Zo's latest Me Made Challenge..


So here's my pledge:

'I, Portia of Miss P, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavour to wear at least one me made item each day for the duration of May 2012 and for my whole outfit to be Me Made for at least 3 days each week (excluding coats, undergarments and shoes!)'

Eeep! Now the challenge of remembering to photograph my outfits, making sure my barnet is presentable for said photos and trying not to look like a complete moron in the process. At least 2 out of those 3 should be achievable...;)

Superhero Silver Cleaner

Slightly random post I guess BUT I was just so impressed with this I had to share! Lately I've been exploring non chemical cleaners. You know, using stuff like lemon juice, vinegar, soda crystals and bicarbonate of soda. Yawn, I know, right? Well that used to be my view too but I am an absolute convert. I don't think I shall ever buy another bottle of Flash again! Apart from having the shiniest taps I have ever had, and not a hint of smears on my mirrors or windows, it's costing me less, and I don't have to worry about Elliott inadvertently absorbing chemicals in some way. The real Superhero of this show though, has to be Bicarbonate of Soda.

This silver jewelry,  has been languishing in my trinket box gathering tarnish for over 2 years. The purple pendant is from India and was more like a gunmetal black than silver. The locket is a Victorian piece, but the intricacy of the rope twist edging has meant it has never been truly tarnish free since the day I received it. (A gift from J to mark the birth of our little man). So I thought I'd give the bicarbonate a go, and it went from this...

To this!!! I mean the difference is astounding. This stuff is sooo shiny that I couldn't photograph them directly from above because you could see the reflection of my camera in the photo. I kid you not. So in the interest of sharing "Eureka" moments here's what I did...

Lay the silver pieces in a shallow dish lined with aluminium foil....

Cover liberally with bicarbonate of soda....

Pour on boiling water (carefully!) and watch that gentle chemical reaction fizz and work it's magic....

Just look at over 100 years of "stuff" lifting out from the rope twist of my locket (ok, gross but all the same, wow!)...

There are hallmarks on this piece that I never even knew were there, this was so black before...

To remove all that heavy tarnish, it took 3 "washes" with the bicarbonate/aluminium method. With no other effort other than a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush around the edges of my locket, then a thorough rinse, and a polish with a microfibre cloth.

Can't beat a bit of chemistry on a rainy Sunday afternoon! (oh, but open a window as the resulting whiff can be a bit eggy, and nobody likes an eggy smelling house, right?!)

NB Emma commented  "I would be very careful using this method on jewelry pieces with stones. You can crack or shatter them with the boiling water. Toothpaste (not gel) can also be brushed on to remove tarnish!"
The stone in my pendant is a natural Agate and was fine, but if you're unsure, try the toothpaste! Thanks for the tip Emma :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

And the winner is....

Thanks to everyone who left their tips and tricks in the comments secton of the giveaway post. Many words of wisdom indeed! Some of which I shall be trying out for myself, and if you've got 5 minutes they're worth a trawl. Actually, if you can't find 5 minutes in the day they're definately worth a trawl!
Now, back to the business at hand. The winner of their very own copy of Simply Superwoman is.....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drafting sneaky peek...

I'm finally getting my house in order, and this weekend was able to squeeze in some drafting for the Top Draftalong. I started by making a list of the adjustments I needed to make to the basic block, took a deep breath, and dived in...

The drafting I've done so far is for this style, without the button back at this stage as I wanted to test my drafting with a (hopefully) wearable toile, before diving into drafting button plackets and facings....

I was weirdly nervous when I cut into my fabric. You kind of assume a commercial pattern is gonna work out because "they" know what they're doing. But this is the first test of my drafting from a block so I had a familiar twinge of self doubt (despite the simple design and the fact that everything looks perfectly alright!). But, feel the fear and do it anyway, right?! Hopefully should have my toile all finished up before the weekend :)

Oh and while I remember, don't forget, you have until Friday (Midnight GMT) to enter the giveaway :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interview with Joanna Gosling + a GIVEAWAY

Following on from my previous post, as promised, a quick Q&A with Joanna Gosling, author of Simply Wonderwoman. Giveaway details at the end of the post

Can you give readers a "potted history" of your background and what led you to writing this book?
I am a journalist and presenter on BBC news. I am also a mother of three daughters aged 4, 7 and 9. And, I write books - Simply Wonderwoman was published last October and I am currently writing two more which are due out next year. I started writing because I love making things and doing practical stuff around the house, and friends and family would always ask me how I did it - both in the “how to” sense, and the broader issue of how I fit everything in. My answer is always that I do things the easy way - everything is simple, nothing takes long to do. I think a desire to simplify everything comes from my journalistic background - or maybe that’s why I went into journalism. That job’s about making the complicated accessible, which is exactly what I do at home. If I want to make something, I will work out a simple way of doing it that doesn’t require special skills or expensive equipment. 

Striving to achieve the often unattainable ideal of the "doing it all super woman", can sometimes have the reverse effect and leave us feeling inadequate by comparison. What is your view on this and how does your book differ from traditional "domestic goddess" publications?
I called the book Simply Wonderwoman to reflect the fact that it is very easy to look at other women - people we know and marketed images - and think that they do somehow have superhuman qualities that mean they are gliding along smoothly, while we are somehow failing. It’s very easy for us to put ourselves under too much pressure and feel like everything has to be perfect. What I wanted to say with Simply Wonderwoman is that you do NOT have to be perfect. Life isn’t about that. Simplify, cut corners where you can, and don’t feel guilty. 

In your book, you mention that there was a time when life was slightly more chaotic. That the systems and tips that you have applied were in fact the result of deciding you'd had enough of running around like a mad thing trying to do everything at once. What made you decide "enough is enough!"?
The fact that I was sick of feeling like my head was always full and I couldn’t focus on what I needed to do. The thing is, I’ve always been great at finding time for the things I love to do, but terrible at focusing on the boring things that I have to do, until I’m faced with a deadline (that journalist thing again). I just finally got to the stage where I knew I needed to get a grip on the “boring” stuff to free me up for the “nice” stuff. I was feeling resentful, always under pressure, never enough time for myself, never appreciated. By stepping back and focusing on where I was going wrong, I realised that it’s not actually difficult to be organised with a few simple ideas, strategies and tips. There’s a saying that a minute spent organising is an hour saved. I actually think the equation is much better than that, because you don’t just save the time that gets wasted hunting out something that’s lost, or trawling through lists of places to stay because everywhere’s booked up... or whatever it is. If you’re one step ahead, you clear out the head space that gets cluttered with the constant low level panic of knowing you’ve got to do things that never quite get done. 

Where did you start with the task of streamlining your day to day life?
One of the first things I did was work out a way to stop forgetting things every time I left the house. The shopping list, the school reply slip, letters to post. So many things I’d leave on the side and only remember before it was too late. So I decided I needed a way of having them right under my nose when I walked out the door - that way I couldn’t forget. So I stuck a peg to my front door with double sided tape. Genius - though I say so myself! So simple, took about 2 seconds to do, but changed my life! And that’s the principle I apply to everything - keep it simple. So, I write everything down. I have a long loop of leather attached to my keys to hang them round my neck when I’m dashing around so I don’t lose them. I write plans in the diary the moment I make them and book the babysitter - if needed - right away. I guess you could say, I have idiot-proofed my life. Although not entirely. I’m not perfect. I do still forget things or put things on a back burner when I know I shouldn’t, but it doesn’t get on top of me anymore.

What would you say to readers who might feel that bringing order to "chaos" might seem an insurmountable task?
Small steps. Do one thing each day. You simply cannot take on everything all at once. The problem is, looking at the sum of our problems often makes it too scary to deal with them. How to focus? Where to begin? Just pick off one thing first of all, that is causing you the most annoyance. For me, it was forgetting the damned school reply slips. And the lost keys. Make a list of what’s getting you down. Everything, from never having anything to wear through to the dripping tap. Then pick your way through the list, dealing with one thing at a time. 

I find that getting things done with a toddler permanently attached to my leg can be tricky (!) plus I want him to learn at an early age that we all have to do our bit in the home. Do you have any tips on involving young children in household chores?
I remember often being desperate to “help out” at home when I was little and my mum not letting me because it was quicker for her to do it herself. I think of that when my daughters want to “help” and I know that actually they’re going to get in the way. It reminds me that sometimes I should let them join in, or they’ll get to a stage where they don’t ask anymore and just expect me to get on with everything. I’ve also realised as they get bigger how important it is not to underestimate what they can actually do. My four year old is perfectly capable of laying the table. And she makes her bed better than her sisters, without me even asking, just because she sees them do theirs and just copies. 

But this book isn't just for women with children is it...
I wrote this book for anyone who feels their life could be simpler. We’re all under a lot of pressure, juggling - whether it’s work and kids, home and kids, caring for another family member, like a parent or sibling - whatever it is, who doesn’t want/need to save time, money and effort...

Do you still have your "off" days when things just don't run smoothly despite your best efforts?
Of course! I am not perfect. 

Ok, I'm gonna be mean now! If you were to make just ONE recommendation from the many tips and tricks in your book, which one would most encompass the "minimum effort, maximum return" mantra you talk about? Your biggest "Eureka" moment...
Ha, obviously I would say all my tips and tricks are life-changing, but if I had to pick would probably be “how to never have to clean your oven again”. I came up with this because it was driving me crazy that every time I turned on my oven a cloud of smoke would billow out from the carbonised remains spot welded to the surfaces. So, I got thinking about those steam ovens you can buy, that steam clean the oven after each use, but cost a fortune. I wondered whether I might be able to do the same trick for free in my own oven. The answer is yes! Just put a bowl of boiling water in the oven when you switch it off and it is still hot. The steam will emulsify the grease so it wipes away easily when it cools down. I literally have never had to clean my oven again, beyond a quick wipe down. THAT was definitely a eureka moment. You do need to give the oven a good once over first, if it’s really dirty - too boring to go into now, but plenty of tips in the book!!

The purpose of the first section of your book is to buy time "for the things in life that make your heart sing". Why sewing and crafting?
I love the process of making - it’s when my head clears completely and I relax. It’s funny when people ask me how relax, as if making is a chore. I just find it pleasurable. I really enjoying doing diy and decorating too - anything practical. With sewing, knitting and making, I think you can so easily make things nicer than you can buy, for a fraction of the cost. What’s not to love?!

You are currently in the process of writing another book. Can you tell us a little about it and when we can expect to see it on the shelves?
It  is due out next March, so my writing deadline is looming! It is all about things home made. It follows on from Simply Wonderwoman, with the same principles - minimum effort, maximum return. Everything is easy to do and useful. I can’t wait to share it! 

And I for one shall look forward to reading it! Sincerest thanks to Joanna for taking the time to squeeze my little blog interview into her schedule. 

It seems there is no end to this lady's generosity since she has happily provided a copy of Simply Wonderwoman for one lucky reader to win. Yay! The giveaway is open internationally. To enter simply leave a comment telling us your best tip or trick for saving time or getting organised. Your very own "Eureka" moment if you like. Additional entries by Tweeting, Facebooking, Linking to this Giveaway on your blog, following this blog etc. Just let me know which, and I'll pop an extra entry into the hat. (You know how it works :) The Giveaway closes midnight GMT on Friday 27th April. Winner announced here shortly thereafter, so be sure to check back.
Good Luck!!

If you don't want to wait for the Giveaway Simply Wonderwoman is available here :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Restyles # 25 & 26 - Preppy

Ok, so normal sewing has almost resumed, hurrah! Just when I got my internet connection and my sewing mojo back, BANG! There were the Easter holidays (School Holidays = even less time to sew) with all manner of play dates and family visits to try and keep little man entertained. I dropped him off at school this morning with no small amount of relief, I can tell you. Sheesh that boy is full on these days. Not so much of a little tornado as a full force hurricane. He IS hilarious  and wonderful though. At age 3 he's taken to playing jokes on me. Jumping up and down like he's desperate for the loo, watching me panic to get him to the toilet in time, then announcing he was "only joking" after all and cackling like a mad thing. Trouble is, I can't help laughing, which only encourages the little monkey!

Anyhow, Elliott obliged me with a couple of naps during the holidays (I know!! I paid for it dearly at bedtime though) so I turned to my trusty refashioning pile for a quick sewing fix. Whilst the sandwashed denim trousers fit perfectly in the waist and hips, the length and bagginess were not my style at all. The denim shirt has that lovely softness to it that only comes with time and many many washes, but again it was just too boxy and unflattering on my figure...but I love the combo of light denim and tan/neutrals. It has a classic preppy feel that really appeals to me...
I adjusted the jeans as per this restyle from last year and the denim shirt in much the same way as this restyle from when I first started this blog. (Crikey that seems ages ago!)...Subtle adjustments but they make a big difference to the fit...

I'm pretty pleased with the result. The jeans have been worn and washed several times already and although today is only my first time wearing this shirt, I know already that I'll be wearing it ALOT! Best of all, the total cost of my outfit? £4.50  (including shoes)!

Vintage Denim Shirt - £1.50, Next Sandwashed Denim Trousers - £3. Both from local charity shop
M&S Moccasins - £25 (but, I bought them with the vouchers we received from Sky when we switched internet provider, so in my book that means they didn't cost me anything ;)

I'm a little out of touch with High Street prices as I rarely buy anything "off the rack" these days. So I hopped onto Polyvore and did a quick comparison against what I could have paid for a similar outfit (M&S didn't have my moccasins anymore so I found the closest I could)...

I don't know about you, but I think that's a pretty good saving, even if I'd managed to get these items for half the prices listed above.
Both the denim shirt and the neutral cropped trousers are really versatile wardrobe staples that I'll be able to wear season to season, so these are a very welcome addition to my "Me Made" wardrobe. I haven't committed to Me Made May yet, but I'm teetering close to the brink....
How about you? Have you signed up yet?

Monday, April 09, 2012

Top Draftalong - The fun stuff! Some initial thoughts...

It's been a while! When last we discussed the Top Draftalong, I'd finally finished all that fitting malarkey (Hurrah!) and traced my pattern onto card to create my block. (Where are you at?) So I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on the first round of actual drafting. The fun part! First of all, excuse the quality of these sketches. They're just some roughs I threw down on paper while Elliott was busy in the ball pit at our local indoor play centre. Part of my multi tasking/fitting it all in plan ;)

I've opted to keep it simple (baby steps!) and with summer and Me Made May on the horizon, (I'm still pondering that one) some simple lightweight tops in a nice drapey fabric, will fit the bill just nicely.

Style 1
Sleeveless, slightly flared/A line top with bust darts, scoop neck to front, lower scoop neck to back. Graduated hemline, scoops up at the front and down at the back (no builders bum!) and maybe a button back...

Style 2
Slightly flared/A line top with bust darts, bateau neck to front and back. Kimono sleeves. Hemline scoops up at the front and down at the back and maybe a button back...

Style 3
Gently fitted top with bust darts, Peter Pan collar, kimono sleeves and maybe a button back...

My thinking is that the kimono sleeve is a great first foray into self drafting as it is drafted as a simple extension of the shoulder line rather than a seperate pattern piece. A little like the self drafted top tutorial I posted a while ago. Plus it's one of my personal faves. A good alternative to a sleeveless top if, like me, you're a little self conscious of your upper arms being on show. I'm a big fan of button backs but have steered clear of them on commercial patterns in the past because of my sway back issues. But since I've now fixed that on my toile/block, I'm hoping I can sucessfully revisit the idea. The button back will involve drafting facings, so while we're at it we may as well go down the route of learning to draft the neckline facings too. I'm thinking for the first round of drafting, a combo of styles 1 & 2. Anyone wanting a sleeveless top can skip the kimono sleeve drafting. Similarly, anyone wanting a plain backed garment can skip the drafting of the button placket. Then for the second round perhaps we can move onto style 3 and drafting the collar.
What say you? Any thoughts or preferences peops?

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

That chance encounter I was telling you about...

Regular readers of this blog might be aware of my recent frustrations in terms of finding the time to "fit it all in". Changes in Elliott's routine have kind of thrown me into a bit of a wheelspin. Whereas 6 months ago you would have found me more or less successfully juggling all of the various elements of my life, the latter 6 months have seen me frantically treading water while I try and re-order and streamline my routine in order to adapt and get some momentum going again. Which brings me to the serendipitous meeting I referred to in a previous post. Sometimes life just puts you in the right place, at the right time, and gives you exactly what you need at that precise moment. Which was just what happened when I was waiting to purchase my 2 metres of cotton seersucker in a shop in London's Goldhawk Road last Wednesday....

Ahead of me in the queue was a lady who looked familiar. I couldn't quite place her. In any case, we got chatting about how brilliant Goldhawk Road was and how awful it was that the council were even considering demolishing the place. I can't quite remember how, but we got onto the subject of her writing a book, and my writing a blog. I gave her my details, we went our seperate ways. Joanna emailed me that evening, she liked my blog, she sent me her book, I LOVED her book. SERIOUSLY people, was someone up there listening to me or what?? Check this out...

The lady in question, as I twigged a few days later, was none other than BBC News presenter Joanna Gosling. Yep that's why she looked familiar! Months of early mornings and late nights with a newborn baby, with BBC News 24 on in the wee small hours, had clearly lodged Joanna's face somewhere in the deep dark recesses of my mind!
Joanna is a working mother of 3 with a successful career in news broadcasting and now her first book under her belt, with another under way. So as much as any of us, she completely understands the drive to be all things to all people, all at once, and the pressure we can put on ourselves to meet such unrealistic (and usually self imposed!) expectations of perfection. All too often, it's the "me time" that is sacrificed in the pursuit of these goals. The little indulgences. "Treats" that we can only allow ourselves to enjoy guilt free once the house looks "perfect" and all the chores are done. But since "a woman's work is never done" those little indulgences and bits of "me time" seem desperately few and far between at times. Joanna's book, entitled Simply Wonderwoman seeks, and in my opinion succeeds, to help redress that balance. To free up time for "me time". It's subtitle encompasses the spirit of the book in a nutshell. "A survival guide for women with too much to do". Yep, that'd be me then!

The book is divided into two distinct sections. The first, a treasury of tips and tricks gleaned from friends, family members, her own experience, (oh and the occasional rock star), is aimed at saving time, money and effort. Amen to that! Every aspect of day to day life is covered from planning your day, polishing off the household chores in super quick time, to organising childcare. The brilliance of these tips and tricks is in their simplicity. There are some old favourites in there, but let me tell you peops, there are some real lightning bolt moments in the pages of this book. Ideas that made me slap my hand on my forehead and emmit a Homer Simpson'esque DOH!! Why had that never occured to me before!
There are some great ideas for budget and eco friendly household cleaning products. Tips for cleaning shortcuts that will see you banishing petty annoyances like oven cleaning and smeared mirrors for good (and no, not vinegar and newspaper. Something much much better!). Laundry, cooking and party planning are just some of the areas to receive the Gosling treatment. DIY is given the once over too. My personal favourite is decanting leftover paint into glass bottles. (hmmmm, I recognise those passata bottles methinks!) No more battling with the lid on the paint tin that doesn't seem to want to go back on. (you know the scene. You tap it down on one side and it pops open on the other! Grrr!) Plus you can see at a glance what colours you have left, how much, AND it just looks so much nicer. See what I mean? Simple genius at it's best.
Chore after chore is streamlined and pared down, with the sole aim of making more time for the "stuff that makes your heart sing" as Joanna puts it. Giving you the time and head space to escape to that creative place in each us.  Which is what the second section of the book is devoted to. Crammed into this section are loads of simple to do, satisfying creative "fixes". Nothing in this section requires any prior experience, knowledge or particular skill level. They're aimed solely at satisfying that urge to create in the form of manageable "bite size" projects that can be achieved in an hour or two.  All of which makes this a perfect "coffee table" book to dip into again and again...
My first reaction when Joanna offered to send me a copy of her book was an instant "yes please!". Immediately I suggested reviewing her book here on my blog and organising a giveaway too (yep, that's in the bag so stay tuned for that ;) Then it occurred to me. Eeep! What if I hated the book? Could I write a lukewarm review or worse, be really enthusiastic about something I didn't like? Ha! I needn't have worried. From the stylish cover, great photography and easy format, to the "eureka" moments and cute crafts...there was nothing not to like. Reading this book is, in places, like having a girly friend sat chatting with you over a coffee exclaiming "you sooooo have to try this tip I picked up, it's a-ma-zing!" There's not a hint of that "look at me and how brilliant I am at doing everything" approach that can come across in other books/programmes of this ilk. Just a real understanding of how things can get on top of you and a genuine desire to share the things that work and help to make everyday life more manageable.

I've already implemented some of the ideas, and I concur, they absolutely do save time and effort. Yay! (Oh, and meaningful sewing has occurred for the first time in weeks ;) I plan on picking one idea I love each day and implementing it. I'll be back to sewing up a storm and "fitting it all in" in no time :)

Stay tuned for an interview with the lady herself, and the chance to bag a copy of the book for yourself ;)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dude, where's my car....

Sorry, this just cracked me up, so had to share....
 Busy driving his Little Tikes car around out the front of the house. Of course he HAD to wear his shades....;)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

DIY - Covered Storage Cannisters

It didn't take me long to put my thrifted Laura Ashley wallpaper to use, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results :) I've been getting J's Mum to save me these coffee whitener containers over the past few months (other brands of coffee whitener are available ;) as I had plans for repurposing them. They're nice and sturdy (they consist of a sturdy cardboard "tube"with metal base and top and flexible plastic lid, you know the kind), so handy for storing bits and bobs, and can be used with or without the lids. Simply covered in my thrifted wallpaper, I reckon they look utterly transformed. You could just as easily use fabric or wrapping paper, or (shhhh!)... get yourself down to your local DIY store and furtively pick up some wallpaper samples ;)
 This barely warrants a step by step photo collage, it's THAT simple (and quick) to do. But I've become so automated in taking photos of everything I do in terms of sewing or DIY, that I thought I may as well share them. In any case, it saves me alot of writing!

  1. Measure the circumference and height of your container. Add around 1cm to the circumference for overlapping the paper, but be accurate (to within 0.5mm) with the height measurement. The aim is to have the paper sit snuggly between the metal base and lid. Covering the original container artwork but not overlapping the edges, otherwise the paper will be prone to catching and tearing during use.
  2. Mark out the new cover accurately using a set square
  3. Carefully and accurately cut out
  4. Using the back seam of the existing label to allign your new paper, stick one edge down (I used glue, but double sided tape may work depending on the paper you use)
  5. Roll/wrap the paper snugly around the container and stick the other edge down overlapping the first.Wipe off excess glue with kitchen towel.
  6. Hold in place with elastic bands while glue dries

Monday, April 02, 2012

Fabric heaven and a chance encounter....

If you are based in the UK anywhere near London,  I'll bet you can probably guess where these pictures were taken. Roll upon roll of gorgeous silk crepe at rock bottom prices...

Piles of Dupion and sand washed silk stacked high...

Of course it's the fabric mecca that is Goldhawk Road...

I had a rare "day off" from mummy duties last week. The weather was beautiful (look at that deep blue sky!!) and I introduced one of my very good friends to the wonders of Goldhawk Road. She was suitably stunned and impressed by the volume and variety of bargainous fabrics that it had to offer....

We went at a very civilised pace and stopped for a coffee to fondle our repective purchases in the privacy of a local cafe ;)

I was pretty restrained but still spent more than I had intended, but that's what Goldhawk Road can do to a gal I guess! This lightweight drapey viscose (yes viscose but not the nasty kind!) is destined to be the first top I draft as part of our Top Draftalong (next post is imminent, I promise Winnie!)....(£4.95/m)

This pastel stripe, medium weight, cotton seersucker is another matter. No firm ideas yet. Any suggestions wholeheartedly welcome! (£4.99/m)

Top is a small silk remnant destined for a college project. (£6/m)
Middle is a cotton linen blend for a simple self drafted tunic idea I had. (£3.99/m)
Bottom is a gorgeous lightweight pure wool.( Haggled to £6/m) If the grey tunic works out well, it will probably end up as another variation of that...

The day also resulted in one of those random occurrences that has you scratching your head and thinking somone "up there" has had a hand in it. Serendipity. Know what I mean? A chance encounter with a complete stranger. We both thought that we recognised eachother, but we couldn't fathom any possible connection that meant we might have met before. She turned out to be an author. Sewing and crafting (among other things) funnily enough. I happen to write a blog about sewing and crafting among other things. We talked briefly about her book and my blog and I passed her my details. I had a lovely email that evening, and a beautifully wrapped package arrived at my home today. The details of which I shall share with you very shortly! Suffice to say, I'm pretty excited!!
Oh, and the picture on the right is especially for Karen...just in case you were wondering!